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What is Viral Facts Africa?

Viral Facts Africa fights health misinformation and information gaps in Africa. 

We are the public face of the Africa Infomedic Response Alliance (AIRA), a network of trusted public health institutions and fact checkers working to make scientific, fact-based health information highly visual, vibrant and shareable on social media. 

We link a network of independent African fact checkers with health experts to debunk myths, share fact checks and create engaging content to help people spot and respond to health misinformation.

The Africa Infodemic Response Alliance (AIRA) brings together trusted health bodies like the World Health Organization, the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (ACDC) and UNICEF to track and respond to health misinformation. 

Working with the 13 AIRA members, public health authorities in African countries, social media companies and other partners, we are working to target, tailor and disseminate our content to help plug gaps in fact-based health information and to counter misinformation. 

Where do you get your facts from?

Recognised health authorities, including the World Health Organization, Africa CDC and public health authorities in African countries. 

How do you find the myths that you debunk?

Requests for technical health information for fact checks come from a network of African fact checking organisations as well as AIRA members and partners working in African countries.

AIRA also undertakes real time monitoring of misinformation trends and information gaps on leading social media channels and news outlets and tracks rumours across the region. 

How do you stay neutral?

Viral Facts Africa supports independent fact checking organisations, which request technical information for their fact checks. 

Viral Facts Africa is part of the Africa Infodemic Response Alliance (AIRA), which purposefully structured to be an independent entity serving its members. 

How is Viral Facts Africa funded?

As a new entity launched in March 2021, Viral Facts Africa is currently funded by the WHO’s Africa Regional Office and the COVID-19 Global Solidarity Fund. 

The production of all of all Viral Facts Africa content is managed by the Fathm

Where can I give feedback or submit claims?

You can contact us here

We are grateful for any suggestions that help us improve in our efforts to provide science-based facts in engaging ways. Please contact us with any feedback, corrections, or complaints.